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This type of processing that exploits the precision of a high-power laser beam allows us to micro-engrave many materials on the surface, including natural stones.

The result is an unalterable etching which is low depth yet durable and resistant to chemical, mechanical and thermal stresses.

This process allows us to create text, image logos and textures with excellent resolution and a high degree of precision.

We can micro-engrave:

– Images in general
– Logos
– QR codes
– Corporate and advertising gadgets
– Funeral headstones
– Furnishing elements
– Various objects

It can be used on:

– Marble and natural stones
– Wood, plywood, MDF
– Cardboard
– Skins and leather
– Glass
– Plexiglass
– Anodised or painted metals
– Plastic materials

The service is aimed at:

– Architecture studios
– Furniture companies
– Designers
– Creatives
– Private individuals