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Survey of measurements on site

On request we offer a service for RELIEF MEASUREMENTS ON SITE, performed by highly specialised personnel and with the latest generation tools.
The highly precise data that we acquire is then processed in the design phase.


Depending on the projects to be carried out, we guide our customers through the best natural, national and international stones to select for use, developing solutions suitable for all needs, taking into account the aesthetics, the technical characteristics of the product and the destination of the project to guarantee a result that adheres to high quality standards.


All processes, from cutting to finishing, take place entirely within our company:
our staff combines highly professional manual work with the use of the most modern technologies, creating a wide range of products, from the most common to the most sought-after ones. All in a Made in ITALY context.


The pre-laying (DRY LAY) of the elements of a marble composition is carried out at the company by laying the project’s various components in the actual position where they will then be placed on site, to allow the customer to have a concrete idea of what the final result will be and to enable us to confirm the correctness of the project before it is delivered.
Pre-laying, especially for larger jobs, is a very important operation which ensures the quality of the product and the perfection of the components from which it is made. It also provides the exact appearance and size of the product required once laid in its final position on the construction site.